Certified Diver Requirements

Upon Check-In at the dive shop, diver certification verification is required by showing of your c-card and photo ID if your c-card does not have a photo on it. You should bring your highest ranking card, such as Open Water or Advanced Open Water, plus your Nitrox card if you intend to use Nitrox on your dives. 

The minimum certification required to participate in our dive excursions is Open Water Diver or equivalent.  PADI Scuba Diver or equivalent is not considered a full Open Water Scuba certification and is not sufficient to participate.

Diving history/experience will be requested during the check-in process.  

Dive Student Requirements

All divers participating in a certification class at any level will be required to complete an RSTC scuba diving medical questionnaire to assess your fitness to dive.  

It is strongly recommended that you complete the RSTC scuba diving medical form prior to arrival.

If you answer yes to any of the questions you will be required to obtain written scuba diving medical clearance from a physician.

Dive Rules

We have a few rules in addition to the standard buddy diving procedures:

  1. Return to dive boat with a minimum of 500 PSI / 35 Bar
  2. All dives are No Decompression dives
  3. All divers are required to have a BCD with auto inflate, octopus, depth gauge and an spg 
  4. All divers are required to complete a Safety Stop after every dive
  5. Any diver suspected to be intoxicated or otherwise impaired will be refused boarding

Dive Boats

Our Dive Boats carry the following safety equipment: 

  • VHF Emergency Communications Radio & Cellphone
  • Emergency Oxygen Units with demand regulators 
  • First Aid Kit 
  • Life Vests
  • Life Ring
  • Emergency Throw Line
  • Flare Kit
  • Fire Extinguisher

BAD’s vessels are inspected annually by the Marine Safety Authority of Fiji and comply with local laws and regulations. 

Dive Accident Insurance

We recommend that all divers carry suitable insurance (e.g. Divers Alert Network). 

All BAD Staff are fully trained in CPR & First Aid. 

The local Hyperbaric Chamber is located at Colonial War Memorial Hospital in Suva, approximately a 1hr drive from the BAD Dive Shop and dock.

The above policies are general guidelines and can be changed, modified or altered at the discretion of management for the safety and enjoyment of our customers

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